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Employment Class Action Lawsuits

If you have suffered from illegal pay schemes or discriminatory treatment at work, know that these incidents are rarely isolated. Chances are, if you have experienced them, others in your workplace have. Are there other people misclassified as exempt from overtime compensation in your workplace? Are there a lot of employees not getting to take a meal or rest break? Were you the only one that the boss harassed? Have other people of your race or religion received the same treatment? If so, there is a solution. At Jennifer Kramer Legal, APC, our class action lawyers help employees get redress for the unfairness that they experienced. In fact, you may already be part of a class and not even know it. For more details, contact Jennifer Kramer Legal, APC to speak with an employment law attorney.

Class Action Cases

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Anatomy of a Class Action Lawsuit

When a group of people share the same common experience, a court may decide to rule on all the cases at once. Instead of having each employee bring their case individually, all of them join forces and bring the case as a class. One or two employees serve as "lead plaintiffs." Their names are the ones that actually appear on the court documents. Because employees are sometimes afraid to assert their rights while still working, lead plaintiffs are often former employees who have less fear of retaliation.

Class actions are especially helpful if the dollar value of your individual claims is relatively small. Individually, it might not be worth the trouble to bring a suit, even though you are well within your legal rights to do so. Collectively, however, you may make a difference. Not only can you and your co-workers collect some damages, but you may be able to stop, or at least discourage, an employer's pattern of illegal conduct.

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