Pregnancy Discrimination

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Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyer

A woman should never be forced to choose between having a family and having a job. Unfortunately, of all the types of job discrimination that exist, pregnancy discrimination is the most common. It is also the least likely to be litigated. At Jennifer Kramer Legal, APC, our attorneys know that caring for a baby is challenging enough without worrying about whether you are being treated fairly on the job. If you believe that you have been discriminated against because of your pregnancy, we can help. Contact Jennifer Kramer Legal, APC for an initial consultation.

Leaves of Absence

Pregnant workers may be entitled to leaves of absence under California and federal law. Contact Jennifer Kramer Legal, APC to discuss this matter.

Have you been the victim of gender discrimination during pregnancy?

Employers will retaliate against expecting or new mothers by firing them or significantly changing their job duties when they get back from their leave. Or, employers can make the working conditions so intolerable that the new or expecting mother feels compelled to quit. Some employers assume that a pregnant employee is not returning to work and stop investing in her. These actions are illegal. We can take care of your pregnancy discrimination case while you concentrate on your new child. Contact us for more information.

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